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Upgrading to Sustainable Landscapes

Episode Summary

Discussing how to sell sustainable landscapes upgrades to home and property owners, with Cynthia Bee of Jordan Valley Water Conservancy.

Episode Notes

Sustainability as it relates to landscape is a topic we cover frequently on this podcast. We've learned over several episodes that the term is often confusing and as an industry, we've over complicated it. More importantly, how it's been communicated to home and property owners.

Many of them think of a sustainable landscape as one that is cactus, concrete and rocks. But there are agencies like the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy in Salt Lake City, who are helping to change the way we look and think about our landscapes. It's a fundamental mind-shift to think of sacrificing our lush landscapes, and upgrading to one that is functional as well as beautiful to look at.

Joining us on this #landscapechat episode is Cynthia Bee, who is the Outreach Coordinator at the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District. She is an experienced landscape design professional dedicated to teaching everyday homeowners how to create landscapes they'll love, which also fit the climate in which they live. She specializes in teaching landscape design, implementation and management to homeowners. You can also check out her presentation, available from her SlideShare.


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