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Turning Around Struggling Landscape Businesses to Profitability

Episode Summary

Discussing Lawn & Landscape's Turnaround Tour that helps landscape businesses become more profitable with guests Bill Arman and Ed Laflamme of the Harvest Group.

Episode Notes

Owning a landscape business can be a rewarding experience for an entrepreneur. These days there are plenty of great opportunities and quite often, more demand for work than business owners can handle. It's a great problem to have yet there are plenty of new landscape businesses that fail. While some established businesses stay busy, they struggle to make a profit from year to year.

That's were Lawn & Landscape magazine's Turnaround Tour comes in. In its 3rd year, the Turnaround Tour helps 3 landscape companies turn their business around to be streamlined and more profitable. Owners open their books and expose every aspect of their business to in order to take the next step to become a better, more profitable business.

At the center of the tour are business consultants, Bill Arman and Ed Laflamme of the Harvest Group, who join us on this #landscapechat episode and share some of their experiences since the tour began.


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