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Trends in Indoor Plants

Episode Summary

Discussing benefits, trends and essential how-to's of indoor plants with Alison Edwards of Burgon & Ball.

Episode Notes

On this episode, we're talking about indoor plants, a trend that became popular in the 70s, and has been making its way back into homes throughout Europe and in the US.

For the past several years in the UK, people have taking to indoor plants for their many benefits for their overall health and well-being. There have been many studies done to demonstrate how indoor plants improve the air quality in our home, help to reduce stress and sharpen our focus.

The trend is growing here in the US too thanks to social media and the #shelfie and #indoorjungle posts. Our guest is Alison Edwards, based in Poole UK, who is the PR manager for Burgon & Ball. She shares her insights about the indoor plant revival and essential care tips and tools needed to be successful.


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