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The Joy of Holiday Bulbs

Episode Summary

Discussing holiday bulb flowers with Stacey Hirvela of Proven Winners.

Episode Notes

During the holidays, there is something truly special about displaying fresh flowers, evergreens and plants to provide seasonal color and fragrances. When you think about holiday plants, the poinsettia and Christmas cactus come to mind quickly, but bulb flowers like amaryllis and paper whites, are also among the top of the list this time of year. From selecting the right bulb, the growing medium used, to proper care and storage, holiday bulbs are easy to care for and never fail to impress.

As a follow up to our first topic on spring bulbs planted in fall, we spoke to expert horticulturist, Stacey Hirvela of Proven Winners, who joins us again on this #plantchat episode, to share her insights on these fascinating bulbs for the holidays. There is a lot to know about these impressive bulbs especially when it comes to selection. She recommends getting quality bulbs pictured on this episode from a trusted source such as Brent & Becky's

Stacey Hirvela at Proven Winners - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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