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The Goodness of Green

Episode Summary

On this #landscapechat podcast, we are celebrating the “goodness of green” or in other words, people and organizations in the green industry who are giving back to their communities.

Episode Notes

On this #landscapechat podcast, guest Kate Spirgen, managing editor at Lawn & Landscape, joins us to celebrate the “goodness of green” or in other words, how green spaces give back to everyone, and how the green industry is giving back to their communities.

Kate also highlights the efforts of one individual, Rodney Smith Jr, who was the cover story of the August 2018 issue. His vision of 50 States/ 50 Lawns has helped out many Americans having difficulty maintaining their yards. And the only thing he asked in return was a selfie with the homeowner to share online.

It's a great inspirational piece, that outlines how one person can make a enormous difference in the world today.

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