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The Business of Hemp

Episode Summary

The business of growing hemp with Richard Restuccia, Vice President of Water Management Solutions at Jain Irrigation, Inc.

Episode Notes

When you say the word hemp, many people have a strong opinion about it one way or another.

Some swear by the benefits of CBD oils derived from hemp or enjoy hemp seeds for an added boost of protein. Others have the impression that hemp is the by-product of cannabis and carries the same social stigma as using marijuana. Wherever you stand on hemp, consider these interesting facts;

There is a lot more that can be said about growing and using hemp. Joining us on this #landscapechat episode is water expert Richard Restuccia, Vice President of Water Management Solutions, at Jain Irrigation, Inc.


Connect with Richard Restuccia for any questions on Twitter, @H2oTrends and on the Jain Irrigation blog.


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