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Ten Steps for Planning Your Victory Garden 2.0

Episode Summary

Discussing victory gardens and steps to create your own with Diane Blasek of National Garden Bureau.

Episode Notes

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing millions of Americans to shelter in place, this historic event has more people turning to gardening. With our podcasts covering gardening, landscape and tree care topics, we're making our upcoming topics relevant to what's going on in the world to today.

Based on trends we're seeing, homeowners are turning to their gardens for a couple of reasons. The most obvious is that it's spring and the time when most are in their gardens. With most of our public spaces being shut down or closed off to help maintain social distance,

Our gardens help provide a means of being outside, getting fresh air, a form of exercise with the gyms being closed, creating a outdoor oasis to escape reality and growing our own food due to the overwhelming demand.

During wartimes and the great depression, many people turned to their gardens to grow the food they needed since they either could not afford it, or it just wasn't available. It's when victory gardens first appeared and during this current crisis, we are seeing more people exploring gardens as a way to get through these uncertain times.

Joining us for this episode is Diane Blasek, director of two non-profits, National Garden Bureau and All-American Selections. She shares insights on how victory gardens got started and how the approach has changed over the decades. 

Diane Blasak at National Garden Bureau blog - Facebook and Pinterest.

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