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Sustainability - Doing Good is Good Business

Episode Summary

Discussing sustainability and how doing good, is good business with sustainability experts, Warren Gorowitz and Judy Guido.

Episode Notes

Sustainability is a big word often used in our industry. Ask most anyone, and they will likely have an opinion or interpretation on what it means. It may sound like a complicated term and concept, but practicing sustainability can be something easy that we can all do, while having a tremendous impact on the world around us.

As an industry, it can be simple things like a landscaper installing drip irrigation lines, using hand tools or other clean energy power tools, and using native plants that require less water to maintain. For a landscape business, being sustainable can translate to doing good is good business. And as individual, practicing and supporting sustainability, benefits everyone on the planet, and our planet itself.

Our guest is Warren Gorowitz, vice president of sustainability, at Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply. Joining him is special guest, Judy Guido, a noted speaker on sustainability and through her work as an executive business coach, advisor, and consultant at Guido and Associates.

Don't forget to check out these sustainable resources mentioned in this episode. National Association of Landscape Professionals, and their site, International Erosion Control Association, Irrigation Association, US Green Building Council and Landscape Architecture Foundation.

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