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Seed Selection, Storage and Saving

Episode Summary

Hear some insights for proper seed selection, storage and selection from the experts at the Seedkeeper Company.

Episode Notes

On this #plantchat episode, the seed sowing frenzy is in full swing this time of year and we caught up with Carol Niec and Kerrie Rosenthal of the Seed Keeper Company to get some insights for proper seed selection, storage and selection. Both Carol and Kerrie are seasoned gardeners who are passionate about seeds and evangelizing the many benefits of planting them.

They discuss the importance of understanding the best time to plant seeds based on your hardiness zone, to knowing how much lighting you get in your yard, soil conditions, types of seeds, to explaining seed lingo and reading seed packets, there is a lot to consider when buying your seeds for the growing season. Knowing your hardiness zones and frost dates is key in maximizing your growing season.

We also share a bit about their annual Seed Keeper Project that recognizes school gardens in every state in the US. It's a great program that gives visibility to importance of educating kids about where food comes from and teaching them lifelong gardening skills. The program begins accepting nominations for school gardens in all 50 state, plus DC through their Facebook page. They, along with the program sponsors, awards one school in each state with a Seed Keeper Deluxe, seeds, snips and other great items.

Connect with Carol and Kerrie on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And Connect with Chris at Corona Tools on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.