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Road to GILN 100th

Episode Summary

Sharing an important milestone with landscapechat co-founder, Richard Restuccia, vice president of water management solutions at Jain Irrigation.

Episode Notes

From our humble beginnings on Twitter to our 100th episode, we've seen a lot of changes in social networks, digital media and the industry itself. When started this journey in 2010, there wasn't a lot of industry chats or conversation that connected organizations directly to the general public. It was a great platform to connect, build relationships, learn and have fun. We even coined the term "edutainment" and looked forward to another week.

Since then we've seen a lot of changes from Twitter, to live video including Periscope and Meerkat, podcasting and the way we connect with each other. As these platforms progress, we continue to do the same. While I'm recognizing this 100th episode as a milestone, I also wanted to recognize all the incredible guests and hosts who took time to share with us.

More than everything we've done here over the years, recognize that it's YOU, our listeners who make it all possible. As long as you're still listening and interested in topics in the green industry, well suffice it to say, we won't run out of things to talk about. So here's to you, the amazing network of organizations, industry professionals and people who appreciate what we do, to make our spaces green, livable so we can enjoy spending time outdoors.


Richard Restuccia on Twitter, @H2oTrends and on the Jain Irrigation blog.


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