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Social Revelations for the Green Industry

Episode Summary

Reviewing insights and revelations from Social Media Marketing World 20 related to the green industry.

Episode Notes

As a business, brand or marketer in the green industry, it can be a big challenge keeping up with the latest tips and techniques for promoting oneself on social media. Done well, the right social media presence can get your name out there and definitely help grow your company. Using the same tactics in a world of diminishing organic reach and the ever-changing landscape of social media, challenge is even greater. Especially keeping up with trends and making sure you're on the same platform as your customers.

At the Social Media Marketing World 20 conference, it was released that half the consumers don't trust businesses. So even if you are able to break through all the social noise, does your message resonate with your customer? One of the biggest revelations uncovered was your brand's personal video helps build trust and brand loyalty. There are industry professionals who do this well like @epicgardening, @jarlandscapingllc, @campuslandscape, @kurththearborist and more. Video can elevate your brand and help you standout in crowd like Ben the Dentist, aka the Bentist

So this episode is a bit of a departure from our usual Green industry leaders Network Podcast given the topic and there are no guest hosts. If social media is an area of your business that you would like to improve, give us a shout and let us know. We'll be happy to add more topics to the GILN calendar!


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