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Pruning Your Fruit Trees

Episode Summary

We're covering proper pruning techniques for fruit trees, for healthier trees and production with master arborist, Tchukki Andersen.

Episode Notes

If you grow fruit trees, one of the most important things you can do for the overall tree health and production, is proper pruning. But before you grab your tools and start cutting back your trees, fruit tree owners need to start with a goal in mind, as well as a plan.

Pruned at the right time of the year, can help with proper structure, and produce more blossoms for a better yield. It also requires the proper tools and tree safety, to do the job without risk to you and or your tree. There is a lot covered in this episode including;

On this Green Industry Leaders Network episode, we welcome back Tchukki Andersen, master arborist and certified tree care safety professional for Tree Care Industry Association. Find TCIA, the VoiceofTreecare on Twitter and Facebook

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