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Propagating from Plant Cuttings

Episode Summary

Discussing propagating plants from cuttings with Stacey Hirvela, expert horticulturist with Proven Winners.

Episode Notes

Propagating plants from cuttings can be a great way to clone your favorite plant or fill in your landscape by dropping in a cutting of a geranium or other prolific growers. It's kind of like having a free supply of plants right in your own backyard!

While some plants are easy to propagate from a cutting, others aren't. Which often boils down the timing and the right growing conditions. There are also protected plants that patented, which prevents plant breeders and homeowners from propagating them.

Joining us for the 2nd part of this propagation topic, is expert horticulturist and marketing specialist, Stacey Hirvela of Proven Winners. In this episode, she helps explain the processes of plant propagation and what it takes to be successful.

Stacey Hirvela at Proven Winners - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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