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Promoting the Environment at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Episode Summary

Discussing Subaru's recycled plastics program with Abana Jacobs, National Marketing Specialist, Sponsorships & Promotions at Subaru Corporation on location from the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Episode Notes

We're here at the Philadelphia Flower Show which dates back to 1829. Not only is it one of the oldest trade shows, its also one of the largest with over 250,000 attendees over 10 days. Subaru has a big part in putting on the annual event as a premier sponsor, and we visited them at the show this year to see what they have going on.

Joining us for an on-location #landscapechat episode is Abana Jacobs, National Marketing Specialist, Sponsorships & Promotions at Subaru of America. We caught up with Abana on the show floor to talk about some of the events they are putting on this year, including their  programs to help protect the environment.

Through events like the Potting Parties, hosted by TuBloom, Subaru helps to educate participants how to plant in containers, while being mindful of not creating waste that will end up in local landfills. They also share with participants their recycling program with partners TerraCycle, collecting discarded plastics like coffee container lids and snack wrappers and turning them into useable items.


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