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Plant Trends in the Horticulture Industry

Episode Summary

Discussing plant trends in the horticulture industry with Proven Winners.

Episode Notes

When reading emails or scrolling through news feeds, It's hard to pass up a good list of what's hot or top reasons for doing something. So why not discuss what are the hottest trends in plants? Well, plants in and of themselves aren't trendsetters. And it's difficult if not down right impossible to produce plants to match what's hot in our society. Suffice it to say, when it comes to plants, having the latest colors that might allow you coordinate your landscape with the color of the year, isn't likely to happen.

Plant breeders can however, spot changes in our society and promote their plants in a way that meets the needs of gardeners, property owners and the landscape professional. Our guest on this #plantchat podcast is Stacey Hirvela of Proven Winners. She explains that while plants may never be trend setters, many breeders have the ability to meet current trends, simply by how they promote their plants. Whether it's marketing a popular plant that may not grow well outside in a particular zone, but could perform well indoors. Or identifying opportunities where perhaps a milkweed plant on a smaller scale, would open up a whole new market of consumers interested in attracting butterflies in smaller spaces.

It's an interesting discussion about plants being the means, to some of the trendiest ends.


Stacey Hirvela at Proven Winners - Twitter, Facebook

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