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Pivoting to Essential in the Green Industry

Episode Summary

Discussing how the industry continues to pivot its programs during a pandemic with Sandra Giarde of CLCA and Warren Gorowitz of Hunter Industries

Episode Notes

This is an inside look at how the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) was essential in helping landscape contractors to continue working, as the country began shutting down in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic. Through hourly changes in regulations, Sandra Giarde, executive director at CLCA provides an account of how the organization helped its members to interpret the regulations coming down from state and local governments while providing guidance on continuing to work safely. Nearly 4 months into the pandemic, things are still changing and with a record number of Covid 19 cases being reported for a single day, it raises more questions and doubts about the future.

In this discussion it becomes clear that as a landscape business, it's times like this when being a member of an organization like CLCA becomes so crucial. Changing how we must evaluate outside forces and prepare as best as possible. Being able to adapt to new forms of communication and connecting to keep your business running. Also about businesses preparing for virtual events while the industry takes steps towards traveling and getting back to in-person events.

There's a lot packed into this episode that is all about pivoting to essential. Where Joined by Warren Gorowitz of Hunter Industries, this episode takes stock of where we've been as a result of the pandemic, where we are now, and thoughts about when we'll get back to doing what we do best as an industry, our relationships when we connect.


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