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Making the Move to Corporate Social Responsibility

Episode Summary

Discussing Corporate Social Responsibility with Warren Gorowitz, of Hunter Industries

Episode Notes

If you are a regular listener of our podcast, or actively involved in the green industry, sustainability is a topic that comes up often. And why shouldn't it? Being sustainable is good for businesses, good for the planet and good for everyone.

One of the best champions of this who, is often promoting this topic in the industry, is Warren Gorowitz, a regular guest on our podcast. He's recently made a big transition into the manufacturing world joining Hunter Industries, as their new director of corporate social responsibility. In his new role, he's expanding the sustainability platform to a broader corporate level and looking at how businesses can do their part to be socially responsible in their operations.

Warren joins us on this #landscapechat episode to share a bit about making the move to corporate social responsibility and how he brings these two topics together. He also discusses Hunter's annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which listeners can download.


Warren Gorowitz - Twitter, LinkedIn


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