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Making Sustainable Gardening Easy

Episode Summary

This episode discusses ideas on making sustainability easy for home gardeners with Debra Knapke.

Episode Notes

On any given day, you can turn on the news, or come across an article mentioning something about the Earth's rising temperatures. The topic has certainly brought the subject of climate change to the forefront in many households. There is a growing trend where more and more Americans are concerned about the environment and want to be be more sustainable in their gardens.

On this plantchat episode, guest Debra Knapke, or as many know her as The Garden Sage joins us to share ideas for making sustainability easy in the garden. She is passionate about gardening, sustainable garden design and the natural world. She enjoys sharing knowledge through her writing, public speaking, and garden consulting in the private and public sectors. Debra has also served on various local and national committees and boards, that focus on education, the environment, and sustainability.

Debra Knapke - Website, Blog

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