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Episode Summary

Discussing how green industry entrepreneurs learn how to grow their businesses with Bill Armand and Ed Laflamme of the Harvest Group.

Episode Notes

The green industry affords young entrepreneurs in landscape and tree care services, a great opportunity to run their own business. In an environment where there is often more demand for work than there are contractors to get it all done.

 Lawn & Landscape's newly released, 2019 State of the Industry report, says  business owners are once again confident about the industry overall. However with median revenues decreasing year over year, for the past 3 years, it's more more important than ever, for business owners to maximize their margins and profitability.

This can be challenging for a skilled contractor who's trained in horticulture or arboriculture, to understand all the important aspects of business. Or looking down the road, trying to build a successful business that they can sell when they're ready to retire.

So where do they turn for some sound advice to improve their business and get to the next level? Hiring a business consultant to help is a great option but that can be more than what a new business owner can afford.

On this #landscapechat episode, Bill Armand and Ed Laflamme of Harvest Group, shared some details about their online program called the Harvest Learning Academy. They share some insights on how it works and how entrepreneurs can apply their expert advice, to maximize the potential of their own business.


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