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Discussing legislative issues affecting water and the green industry with Ewing Irrigation and Irrigation Association.

Episode Notes

When it comes to water, it's a pretty safe bet that when someone turns on the faucet or the hose to water their landscape, they aren't really thinking about the journey each drop takes to be delivered on demand. If you listen to the news, you'll often hear about issues that ultimately affect irrigation and the green industry.

Whether its labor, infrastructure, changes in the earths climate or horticultural educational, these issues have a direct impact on the industry today and well into the future. On this #landscapechat episode, we'll take a look at some of the key federal issues going on now, and plans to ensure the industry continues to thrive.

On this episode, we welcome guests, Warren Gorowitz, vice president of sustainability at Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply and John Farner, government and public affairs director at Irrigation Association, who discuss some of the current political discussion and forward-looking technologies that have helped advance the industry.


Warren Gorowitz at Ewing Irrigation - Twitter, Facebook
John Farner at Irrigation Association - Twitter

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