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Importance of Kids Gardening

Episode Summary

We explore the importance of introducing kids to gardening with the American Horticultural Society and special guest, national gardening expert and speaker, Melinda Myers.

Episode Notes

On this #plantchat episode We explore the importance of introducing kids to gardening. Especially in today's technology driven culture, it's become more important than ever before. Benefits of gardening for kids and parents alike, include; improved mental health, getting physical activity, the quality of food, exposure to nature and the fresh outdoors. Not to mention, getting time to spend with your kids, teaching them about plants, how they grow and what it takes to do it successfully.

Our special guest, is gardening expert, national speaker and author, Melinda Myers. She shares some of her ideas for getting kids excited about gardening. As a passionate gardener, mother and grandmother, she speaks from the heart about why it's important to involve kids in the garden at all ages. Leading the discussion is David Ellis, director at the American Horticultural Society, who also hosts their annual event, the National Children & Youth Garden Symposium

So if you're a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle with kids addicted to technology, we've got some great tips and ideas on where to get started.


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