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Highlights from the California Spring Trials

Episode Summary

Get highlights from the California Spring Trails from Green House Management editor, Kate Sprigen.

Episode Notes

Every spring there is an industry event that takes place in California called the California Spring Trials, aka CAST, for short. It's an event where all the big plant breeders come, to present the new plant introductions for the coming year. All the latest and greatest plants that have taken years of breeding and trialed in gardens across the country. It's probably the equivalent of a New York fashion show only the plants are center stage, rather than models.

Joining us on this #landscapechat episode is Kate Spirgen, newly promoted editor at Greenhouse Management's Produce Growers and Garden Center magazines. CAST is an event that relatively few attend, but it has significant impact for those of us in the landscape industry. If you want to know what will be available and learn about new plant varieties, CAST is the place to be. Check out Greenhouse Management's behind the scenes and see some of some of the fascinating new plants.

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