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Growing Edibles in Containers

Episode Summary

Discussing the essentials of growing edibles in containers with David Ellis of the American Horticultural Society and television host, Charlie Nardozzi.

Episode Notes

There are many reasons for growing edible plants in containers. Year-round growing, easy access and care, water efficiency, and many different container options, to name just a few. No matter whether you live in the coldest parts of the country or warmer climates like southern California, growing edibles in containers means always having access to fresh produce.

Containers represent a different type of growing environment, so there are certain guidelines to follow that will help ensure success. Joining us to share some insights on this #plantchat episode are  David Ellis the American Horticultural Society (AHS) and guest, Charlie Nardozzi, renowned television host, author, and speaker. Both David and Charlie share some basics about growing edibles in containers, types of edibles that do well, watering tips, types of containers, and more. You can also visit Charlie's  website  for more great information and resources related to this topic.


Charlie Nardozzi - Gardening with Charlie  website.

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