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Discussing Green Infrastructure with Warren Gorowitz of Hunter Industries and Steven Peck of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.

Episode Notes

When you say the term green infrastructure, it sounds a bit technical and can have a number of definitions. It can certainly sound complex, but the basic concept is that it's a way to manage rainwater and climate effects, the way nature indented. Such as populated areas where the vast majority of the natural environment has been removed to make way for buildings, homes and roads. Green infrastructure introduces methods such as permeable pavement, green walls and green roofs to capture rainwater which helps manage it, while mitigating the heat island effect, a result of having a vast amount of pavement, concrete and lack of natural green spaces in our urban areas.

Green infrastructure improves our cities and the growing need for it presents new opportunities for landscape industry. Joining us on this #landscapechat episode is Warren Gorowitz, director of corporate social responsibility at Hunter Industries. His guest is Steven Peck president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. For more information on the resources mentioned in this episode, visit Living Architecture Monitor and Living Architecture Academy.


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