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Gardening in Stressful Times

Episode Summary

Discussing the benefits of gardening to relieve stress with award-winning author and landscape designer, Jan Johnsen.

Episode Notes

We all deal with stress of some form or another on a daily basis. More so now, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of us are isolated in our homes, unable to do things like going to the gym, go out eat, or socializing  with family and friends.

While this virus has interrupted our daily routines, working in the garden and landscape is one activity that many are turning to. And with good reason. Being outdoors, in the sun and working in the soil has positive physical effects in the brain. Working in the yard can also be a great source of physical activity which is becoming much harder to do with social distancing.

On this episode, award-winning author, blogger and landscape designer, Jan Johnsen, shares her knowledge about the effects of gardening during stressful times. Her blog, Serenity in the Garden, offers tips, inspirational garden posts and other garden design related topics.

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