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Future of Gardening

Episode Summary

Discussing what the future of gardening looks like with Diane Blasek, director of the National Garden Bureau.

Episode Notes

Now more than anytime in our recent past, homeowners have taken to their gardens as a source of fresh food, exercise and beauty. As an industry we have to look at this momentum, make adjustments and plan for the future. In a recent survey conducted by the National Garden Bureau, they helped provide some insights on what's important to gardeners. What are they growing, why they're growing, what they are looking for in their local garden centers and more.

For the green industry, the survey helps uncover new opportunities and sheds some light on where we should be focusing our communication, products and services. As a means to help sustain this robust momentum and interest in gardening and landscapes, for years to come.

Joining us for this episode is Diane Blasek, director of two non-profits, National Garden Bureau and All-American Selections to review the findings, what they mean and what the industry can takeaway from it. 

Diane Blasak at National Garden Bureau blog - Facebook and Pinterest.

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