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Fall Planting Do's and Don'ts

Episode Summary

Discussing fall planting and do's and don'ts for the season with Proven Winners expert horticulturist, Stacey Hirvella.

Episode Notes

Many gardeners think about planting in spring, when the weather starts to warm up. However when it comes to weather and temperatures, fall and spring are very similar. There are some big advantages to planting shrubs and trees in fall. As well as some important dos and don'ts regarding what you should be planting and activities to avoid in fall.

On this #plantchat episode, we welcome back expert horticulturist, Stacey Hirvela with Proven Winners. She discusses why planting in fall is ideal since cooler temperatures will help with root growth and plant development, soil retains more moisture and how a thick lay of mulch will help protect new plants from freezing temperatures throughout winter. She also covers why you should put down your pruners and fertilizer this time of year.

Stacey Hirvela at Proven Winners - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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