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Essentials for Growing Fruit Trees

Episode Summary

We cover the essentials of successfully growing fruit trees, from understanding pollination, proper planting and spacing, growing in pots, and more.

Episode Notes

On this #trechat episode, we present another installment from the popular Growers Success Summit webinar series. This topic covers many of the funadmentals of growing fruit trees for healthier trees, with maximum crops and better tasting fruit.

Our guest Sarah DePass, formerly of Stark Bros nurseries, discussed topics including pollination concepts, selecting the right fruit tree size and proper spacing, watering requirements for newly planted trees, proper pruning for the 3 S'- survival, shaping, and stimulation, growing trees in containers, both indoors and outdoors, and more great tips regarding fruit tree care.

For more information about fruit trees, visit Stark Bros website and blog and download Corona's free online guides, the Principles of Planting and Principles of Pruning.


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