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DIY Tree Pruning Basics

Episode Summary

Discussing DIY tree pruning basics with Kurt Stenberg, professional arborist and owner of Cochran Tree Care.

Episode Notes

Being at home during the Covid 19 pandemic has given way to many homeowners tackling yard work projects to get through this period of isolation and social distancing. One of the bigger tasks includes tree care and pruning them.

Before you begin it's important to know the when to prune and thinking about why you're doing it. Things like reducing the size, reshaping  or something else? As homeowners, it's important to think through why you need to prune a tree, how you're going to do it and when.

While some pruning tasks are well suited for a homeowner, there comes a point when you need to seek the help of a tree care professional. With the current economy and many people being out of work, more and more homeowners are hoping to take care of the work themselves though these uncertain economic times.

Joining us  to help understand some basics of tree pruning is Kurt Stenberg, tree care professional and owner of Cochrane Tree Care. When he's not hanging out in trees or working on certification in arboriculture, he shares his tree work through his photography on Instagram at KurttheArborist. He shares incredible footage from his Go Pro and engages with arborists and green industry professionals from around the globe. Check out his video channel on YouTube and for a GILN first, the video interview of this topic.


Kurt Stenberg - Instagram, YouTube


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