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Dealing with Expensive Tree Care

Episode Summary

Discussing what home and property owners should know about the high costs of tree care and removal, with Tchukki Andersen, of Tree Care Industry Association.

Episode Notes

There are many great benefits of having trees growing in your landscape or on your property. Such as increasing the property value, providing shade on a hot summer day, privacy from the neighbors, or that seemingly endless harvest from fruit trees. While we enjoy all those benefits, there is one thing that home and property owners don't enjoy as much...the cost to maintain them.

Tree maintenance and specifically, tree removal can be rather costly to have a certified professional come out and do the work. Understanding what to ask and working with a certified professional, can often get the results you desire at a fair price.

On this treechat episode, master arborist, Tchukki Andersen of Tree Care Industry Association, explains why tree services can be expensive, offers insights on working with a certified professional and what you should be asking them before you hire them.  For more information about locating a certified arborist, visit their help site,

Tchukki Andersen at TCIA - the VoiceofTreecare, on Twitter and Facebook

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