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Cultivate Virtual and a Future for Virtual Events - Pt 1

Episode Summary

Discussing Cultivate Virtual and the future of virtual events with 1st time attendees, Alison Edwards, Warren Gorowitz and Peggy Riccio.

Episode Notes

Cultivate Virtual is in the books and this episode has some industry reactions from first-time attendees to this event. We'll cover what they got from the event, things they learned and would apply to future events and how virtual could impact future industry events. What's interesting, is that these industry contacts were able to experience this event only because it was virtual. This kind of platform can lead to great exposure and visibility to a much larger audience than might never had access to before, whether it was due to travel or scheduling. It validates the idea that used creatively virtual could be here to stay.

Our guests on this episode include;

- Alison Edwards - Marketing & Communications, Burgon & Ball

- Warren Gorowitz - Director of Corporate Social Responsibility,  Hunter Industries

- Peggy Riccio - Owner of and fellow Gardencomm member


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