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Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Episode Summary

Discussing how to create an outdoor oasis with expert horticulturist, Stacey Hirvela of Proven Winners

Episode Notes

When we come home at the end of the day, we all have that one spot in our home that is our place to relax and unwind. Having a spot like that outdoors, can also be a great way to relax among nature and escape all that is happing in the world. And on any given day, who among us can't use a small break from the stresses of everyday life?

Creating an outdoor oasis can offer a tranquil spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, a shady spot in the garden to take in some fresh air on a weekend afternoon, or that place you go after work to sit with someone, share a glass of wine and decompress from the day.

The best part about an outdoor oasis, it can be as simple and inexpensive as you like since its all about you and what brings you peace and serenity. Joining us on this episode is Stacey Hirvela, expert horticulturist and marketing professional from Proven Winners.

Stacey Hirvela at Proven Winners - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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