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City Grange - Next Gen Garden Center

Episode Summary

Discussing the next generation garden center, the City Grange, with owner LaManda Joy.

Episode Notes

For someone new to gardening, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. There are so many product and plant options available and a wealth of information as well as misinformation online. If there is a way to provide someone with all the skills and knowledge they need to garden successfully, along with all the plants and materials, odds are good, you would have a recipe for success for the novice garden. That's where the new start-up and urban Chicago based, City Grange, has stepped to serve the local communities.

Forbes Online covered the City Grange grand opening and wrote, "it is unlike any other garden center, yes they have plants but it’s the environment it is creating, that makes this place more exciting..." It's the flagship location and first of its kind, a garden center, education center and social enterprise all rolled into one.

City Grange is owned by LaManda Joy, a local resident who founded the Peterson Garden Project, a victory garden in the Chicago community, nearly a decade ago. She is a creative, and savvy business women and our guest on this #plantchat episode.


LaManda Joy at the City Grange - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


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