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Agriscaping - How Profitable is Your Yard?

Episode Summary

On this episode we're discussing agriscaping, how to fill your yard with edible plants while making it sustainable and profitable.

Episode Notes

On this #landscapechat episode, we take a look at how some property owners are making their entire landscape edible. Using up every square inch of space to grow fresh food in the front yard and back yard and everywhere in between. It's been coined agriscaping and we're highlighting ways to do it and actually make your landscape profitable. Think about that for a minute. Instead of spending money to maintain you landscape, it could actually be making you money!

Our guest is Warren Gorowitz, vice president of sustainability, at Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply, with Justin Rohner, founder of Agriscaping Technologies. Agriscaping has been featured in USAToday, USWeekly, Forbes, and Justin appears regularly on local news stations and speaks all across the country. Check out Justin's presentation he discusses, with some excellent facts and information you will want to read.


Warren Gorowitz at Ewing Irrigation - Twitter, Facebook
Justiin Rohner at Agriscaping Technologies - Twitter, Facebook

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