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Adaptive Gardening for the Lifelong Gardener

Episode Summary

Discussing how to adapt your garden activities, tools and design to enjoy them throughout our lives, with author and speaker, Toni Gattone.

Episode Notes

There are so many great benefits to performing gardening and maintenance activities in your landscape. Not only are there therapeutic benefits - working outside, enjoying fresh air and physical exercise can do wonders for the body and mind. But over time, we all age and it can become increasingly difficult to do the same activities in the garden that we once could do with ease for extended periods of time. Add to that, the aches and pains that come from bending, kneeling or the sore hands after a day of pruning.

Adapting your garden to suit your abilities as you age, can make it as rewarding and beneficial to your overall mental and physical health. On this #plantchat episode, we're joined by Adaptive Gardening Expert & Inspirational Change-Agent, Toni Gattone, who's enthusiasm is contagious. She is passionate about empowering gardeners with practical, how-to information that promises to keep them in their gardens for years to come.

Her book, The Lifelong Gardener: Garden with Ease and Joy At Any Age, has been well received by both experienced and budding gardeners and is available at bookstores everywhere, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and on her website.

Toni Gattone - Blog, Facebook and Instagram.

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