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A Path to Arboriculture

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Discussing the path to Arboriculture with arborist Kurt Stenberg, of Cochrane Tree Care

Episode Notes

It's a difficult question for anybody, what do you want to be when you grow up? Ask a young student and you're likely to hear a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or some other profession that makes a decent living. All great careers, but they typically take years to complete, start off in an entry level position. With the hopes you'll move up, eventually make good money so you can pay off student loans and be ready to own a home or start a family. Unfortunately, that sort of career path doesn't work when you are in your 30s, moved your family to a new city and starting over.

Which makes careers in the green industry great opportunities for a young student, an experienced professional and for men and women alike. It's also an industry where the demand is great, and doesn't require advanced degree to be successful. You could also be your own boss and enjoy working outdoors, while making a good living too.

Our guest on this #treechat episode is Kurt Stenberg, of Cochrane Tree Care. Kurt enjoyed a career as Canadian firefighter and paramedic for 17 years, then his family decided to relocate to Cochrane, Alberta. After researching potential career opportunities, Kurt landed on Arboriculture, pulling experience from his days felling trees with the fire department and his love of trees and being outdoors. Since beginning his new career he's obtained certification through Arboriculture Canada for a variety of specific courses and he continues his education and work with mentors and instructors, continuing to expand his own certifications and skill base.

When he's not hanging out in trees or working on certification in arboriculture, he shares his tree work through his photography on Instagram at KurttheArborist. He shares incredible footage from his Go Pro and engages with arborists and green industry professionals from around the globe.


Kurt Stenberg - Instagram, YouTube


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