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6 Steps to Saving 85% of Landscape Water

Episode Summary

In this episode, we're discussing 6 steps to massive water savings in your landscape with water expert Richard Restuccia at Jain Irrigation.

Episode Notes

In this #landscapechat episode, we're discussing some great ways to massive water savings in your landscape with expert, Richard Restuccia, Vice President of Water Management Solutions at Jain Irrigation, Inc.

Richard lays out 6 steps for saving up to 85% in landscape water. And with the price of water continuing to rise, that can be some substantial savings, while still having a green and efficiently hydrated landscape. New smart controller technology is taking the guess work out of delivering the right amount of water your plants need, but also making real-time adjustments based on weather conditions. These controllers along with efficient watering techniques, will help ensure that every drop counts.


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